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PODZ 6 Piece Large Flower Ottoman Setting

About this product: 
  • Heavy Duty MDF Internals. The internal construction of our ottomans consists of heavy duty MDF panels to eliminate any chances of structural failure.

  • Steel smooth finish. The MDF internal is clad with mild steel for added reinforcement around the sides, promoting a smooth consistent finish that is hard to damage.

  • High-grade vinyl and foam. All internals are encapsulated within a foam sleeve covering both the seat surface and sides. This is then complemented by vibrant commercial vinyl with reinforced double stitching.

  • Chrome ball castors. All of our modular ottoman products come standard with our state of the art chrome castors, answering to OH&S requirements for easy relocation, whilst delivering on looks.

  • Height: 460 mm
    Diameter: 620 mm

Download the full range educational catalogue here

Product description: 

Usually it is hard to find affordable and innovative furniture with commercial grade construction, but it just so happens that all of our PODZ modular furniture range answers to the requirements for high demand learning spaces. In fact we believe that we have the strongest modular ottomans available on the market Need a discussion hub that is vibrant and tucks away when not being used? The PODZ Flower setting is perfect for you. PODZ Flower will immediately add visual interest to your space. The Podz Large Flower setting is formed from a centre piece and 5 petal pieces (Sold Seperately).

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